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adypau Ingenieros

Oficina Central:

Presidente Director General:

Rafael Pérez Gamón



Telf: +34 96 143 19 29

Fax: +34 96 143 19 29



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adypau arabia group

Filial KSA-Emirates

Director oficina:

David Martínez García



P.O. BOX 59669 RIYAD 14211-2914 SAUDI ARABIA

Telf: +966 591322445



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adypau Ingenieros

Sucursal India

Engineering & Consulting

Private Limited

Representante :

Mohammad Wali

12-2-39/9/A SRI




Telf: +919 949626306



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adypau Ingenieros

Sucursal Mexico 

Representante sucursal:

Ignacio Alvarez Eulate


Telf: +55 458 098 33



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Adypau algérie

SARL, Architecture-Engineering & Consulting

Directeur Gérant filiale:

Abdelkrim Menasria

 Garidi I, Kouba, CP 16051 Alger, ALGÉRIE

(spain):+34 655427114

(algérie): 656062722           



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adypau Poject Management Finance S.A.C.

Sucursal Perú 

Representante sucursal:



Telf: +1-920148027 



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Architecture & Engineering Consulting Company
Architecture & Engineering Consulting Company  

Services Adypau Group

Planning, management, counseling. We offer professional support in all phases of project construction personnel. You can see here an excerpt from our catalog of services.


Innovate to transform technical knowledge for society welfare

Adypau Group is a spanish and international projection of engineering, architecture and information technology with a clear customer service, performing the most complex projects in Transport, Water and Environment, Building, Energy and Industry, applying technical knowledge , creativity, innovation and the latest technology to advance sustainable development of society that is in the best welfare of the people.

With vocation comprehensive customer service is the core value that makes Adypau Group into a global enterprise. Customer satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence in the workplace are the main objectives in the quality procedures of all the services offered Adypau Group.

Adypau Group understands its activity as an essential element in the sustainable development of the society it serves, transcending mere technical concept and engaging in an active social fabric, which has positioned itself as a benchmark for future review its sector and infrastructure development in the countries in which it operates.

The services provided Adypau Group are based on innovation and technical expertise of its team of professionals. Investment in R & D, management of creativity and development plans in new technologies, resulting in better service to customers.


The development of all employees is high on the corporate mission through continuous improvement of personal skills, techniques and managing them. The welfare of the people in the workplace and career opportunities are the principles underlying the HR management plans.

A Turn Key Operation

With our "turnkey" we guarantee that you will not have to move to any public body, but when you hire our jobs, our staff takes care of all immediate representations to the authorities, including the collection of documents and signatures needed to perform their paperwork right on your site.


Our team of engineers and technical personnel administrative specialist will advise you from concept to realization of their projects, ensuring security, reliability and efficiency.


Depending on the project and implementing country we follow the rules laid down in it, always according to the financial performance and specific characteristics of each project. However national or international to follow in a pre-study project design standards are established.


GROUP ADYPAU activity Architecture-Engineering and Environmental SLP, is developed in each of the areas set out in the presentation, including all the fields that make up:


  • Architecture, Urban and regional planning
  • Plant engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering


In all fields of engineering and architecture, we from the feasibility studies, preliminary projects start running, urban planning, construction management, technical assistance, monitoring control coordination, health safety and quality, the legalization of facilities, project management, energy certification, etc..:

1. Previous studies and data collection for planning, writing, editing or simply unlocking Partial Plans approval, Internal Reform Plans or any other necessary urban figure. Driving the planning agreements signed to enable the development of performances and unique projects. Negotiations with the various authorities concerned including utility companies
2. Programming In reviewing the feasibility of development time, fixing or renegociándolos with the promoter and the authorities involved.
3. In the Land Subdivision, with writing and complete project management for land subdivision approval until final settlement account and registration.
4. Phase writing projects and documents for the firm resolution of building permits. You can have multiple casuistry but three groups could be established, not always watertight:

a. Pending license applications to general reports, whether municipal or not.
b. Records with administrative repairs requiring project modifications or additional


5. Implementation phase, with total project management and works, including their own execution thereof until receipt by the Promoter / Management / Agent Developer.

6. Phase legalization and registration, filing the appropriate documents (cfo's, surveying, inspection certificates carried out, etc..).
7. Exploitation phase, which is performed for technical assistance for the exploitation of the work performed most optimal result for the promoter, both of its correct use as needed for the purpose of maintenance. In this phase, the type of contract negotiated more economically suitable for promoting the interests of utility companies face. At the request of the promoter can also be performed within the area of work aimed at the management of properties, called Facility Services, including building energy rating, to get the most appropriate rating taking into account economic parameters of investment and feasibility.


Finally note that within ADYPAU GROUP provides legal advisory service, and search for investment capital.


Want to participate in a personal proyect?

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